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The University Wits board of governors is a collection of individuals with a wide range of skill sets and talents.  They are writers, directors, videographers, designers and stage managers.  Their mission is to delight, to inspire and to bring a mirror to life to the community of Grand Rapids, MI.  As their audience has grown, they too have grown as artists, and are constantly finding new ways to expand their network and production quality.

In 2012, Chuck Fortenbacher and Emily Parr set out to produce an original play at Dog Story Theater called, A Great Blaze of Light.  They enlisted the help of several talented individuals and the team was born.  The University Wits went on to produce a series of original production including Murder at Graves End, Shadows at the Sanford, Marilyn’s Kennedy and In a Single Bound.  By 2014, the company had developed enough resources to begin producing larger scale published plays.  Their 2014 production of The Rocky Horror Show was the most attended production that Dog Story Theater has ever seen.  While The University Wits still continues to produce original theatre, they also offer a wide variety of published plays and musicals.

Current Board:

JJ Lindke



Betz Lund

Board Member


Chris Kotcher

Board Member


Ross Johnson

Board Member / Webmaster


Matt Hartman

Board Member


Anessa ‘Anna’ Johnson

Board Member

Shane German

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Beth Anne

Board Member

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Past Board Members

Steve Baker

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Morgan Springsteen Beerens

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Janelle Yahne

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Kyle Walker




Chuck Fortenbacher


Maureen O’Brien


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Emily Parr


Julia Chateau


Molly Walker


Ryan McKernan

Ryan and Sean Creepin